Sustainable Actions for 2013

Another year in the life of Liberal Progressive Lemurs and Conservative Predatory Dinosaurs engaged in the perennial cultural class struggle for life










Malcolm E Kukura

Monday, 31 December 2012

10:44 AM






Out with the old today and in with the new tomorrow.


Sublationally that is – retaining the old within the new as a viable mutant species is well advised to do. 


Dinosaurs have devoured the pseudo=Republican conservative elephants to produce the herds of giant obese greedy carnivors feeding with Tea Party protection on blood and brains drained from human herds of prey while the Liberal Democratic donkeys have been reshaped into metaphorical “lemurs” destined for sustainable survival when the last two dinosaurs finally fight it out to see which of the two will eat the other and earn the status of “favoured race” to earn the honour of “preservation” in the struggle for life. 


They hated him – irrationally.  Frankiln made a contract with the people in the nineteen thirties – with the 99 percent majority.  Because of the new deal the one hundredth of the one percent of the richest hated him irrationally.  The cripple betrayed his class.  A grandson  survived to tell the story after his grandpa was poisoned in Warm Springs.  Who killed Julius Caesar?  His own class?  Or enemies of his class?  Who killed Ann Boleyn.  One of her own class or an enemy of her class?


Why am I at all interested?


Because the status of the political rivalries between the two opposed global political coalitions of 2012 is still shaped by the memories that the richest classes have of the FDR “new deal” and the betrayal of their domination and control of the “lower” classes of humanity from whom the wealth of the richest one hundredth of one percent was extracted in orgies of depravity through the entire 19th century.


It really is irrational when you consider the wealth that has been generated by the American and global society that Franklin D. Roosevelt, more than any other prominent person, is assosciated with although the  actual existing American and global society that has come into existence is the very opposite of the older style societies shaped by any single person or a few as in the totalitarian model with its innate centralized structure and monopolization of decision making. 


They still see him as a traitor to their class even though he led America and the world into a constitutional democratic future consistent with the original enlightenment inspired society designed by the founding fathers: Jefferson Frankiln Madison Adams Washington Hamilton Jay et al.  Even though by FDR’s influence they all grew much wealthier than they could ever have been in a more centralized authoritarian or totalitarian society of the kind they remembered from the roaring twenties and the “gilded age”.  The insane obsession with predatory social structures serves to illustrate and demonstrate the depravity of the mentality of the insatiable greedy that dominates the minds of the members of the class of the richest one hundreth of one percent. 


It is very difficult to satisfactorily account for the apparent conservative resurgence beginning with the “Reagan Revolution” and continuing thru the Bush New World Order, the Project for the New American Century and neo-conservative end of history, the endless global war on terror, the multiple speculative Bush-Cheney bubbles, the global financial crises, the bank bailouts and now the Tea Party class warfare by “austerity” – without reference to the radical reforms designed and implemented during the Roosevelt years from 1933 to 1945 – and generally referred to in aggregate as “the new deal” – decisions taken that were intended to protect and defend the liberties of the productive majority in accordance with American constitutional enlightenment inspired cultural spiritual social political traditions.


Both in the thirties and again now predatory behaviours taken by the richest one hundredth of one percent have resulted in very large transfers of wealth from the poorest majority of the global one percent to the richest one hundredth of one percent.  That concentrated wealth in the form of real resources derives from the productive efforts of the majority and is now being used to exert political pressure on the public sector institutions of the nations of the world to implement yet another stage of extraction of resources from the productive majority to the predatory parasitic few – via “austerity”.  The views of the few are that it is quite natural for the “strong” to take what they want from the “weak” in accordance with the social Darwinist fundamentalism that dominates the mentality of the parasitic and predatory control freaks who live in dependence on their prey and hosts without whom they could not survive.  Quite natural?  The implication is that in nature the strong animals take what they want from the weak animals and that therefore because those behaviours can be observed in animals they must be “ethical”, “moral” and “legal” because they are “natural”.  Natural Law anyone?  Such a barbarian proposal does not account at all for what is unique about humans that we can identify as most characteristic of humans and what makes humans distinct.  That depraved barbarian view does not account of what is moral ethical and legal but rather depends on an axiom that natural is moral ethical and legal when in fact the moral ethical and legal is interconnected with “civilization” – that is – with what is civil behaviour and what moral ethical and legal limits civilized communities decide together to impose upon their members to ensure the process of civilization is defended and protected  and to cultivate and sustain humanity in its (our) uniqueness as an evolving mutant species rather than allocating public resources to the task of devolution into an animal like state of nature in which the distinctions between humans and animals (nature) are erased.


In the nineteen thirties and now in the twenty-teens the business “cycle” of boom and bust by which at one extreme of the cycle, looted wealth is concentrated in the few then at the other extreme that wealth is liberated according to the perennial dialectic of class warfare and the master-slave relation – is at a stage of maximum concentration of wealth and a corresponding maximum level of global impoverishment relative to the nineteen nineties before the Asian financial crisis.


It is overwhelmingly probable that in the remaining decade of the teens and the next  – the twenties – that the cycle will continue as always and this time in the direction of a great wave of expansion of aggregate productive power.  My own autonomous empirical observations have led to the conclusion that the fundamental origin of this aggregate power is the productive imaginative cognitive psycho-spiritual power of creativity that emerges from individual human psyches – spiritual power – soul power.  This absolute power is what I have coined the term “PSI-POWER” to signify.


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The business cycle is revealed then as originating in the aggregate of spiritual power subject to predatory and parasitic concentration followed by diffusion.  When the predatory classes speak of “redistribution” of wealth, they quite intentionally avoid any mention that the resources that are distributed to the majority are resources the majority themselves created by spiritual power involving imagination and reason – wealth that they originated and was then appropriated and stolen or alienated from the productive classes by the parasitic predatory few.  The insatiably greedy murderous pigs classes justify their opposition to distribution of wealth to the people who create and produce it, by spreading their social Darwinist propaganda to justify the behaviour of the strong who take what they want from the weak and assert ownership of the wealth they take from the weak – by the claim that it is natural for the strong to rule the weak and to control the wealth produced and created by the weak.  The most extreme parasitic and predatory classes in their natural mental state of moral depravity, obsessed with insatiable greed and driven by megalomanic barbarian animal spirits have retreated into 21st century survival strategies that rely less than a century ago on overt force, torture and sadistic dominance and exploitation.  The 21st century strategies they have adopted rely on “manufacturing consent” – on deception via mass media propaganda designed to persuade the productive majority that the actually existing global “system” is the best system for producing wealth to ease the suffering of impoverishment when in fact it plain for all to see that the “system” has been and still is and will continue in the future to be evolving in a direction that is indeed a direction in which ever larger numbers of humans have and do and will have sufficient resources to sustain a satisfactory and adequate level of material well being.  It is plain for anyone to see that the most important of all reforms that have been and still are responsible for the astounding rate of growth of the human population enjoying a satisfactory level of material well being – is the evolution of the constitutional democratic form of social structure in which aggregate public power is allocated to the task of protecting and defending the liberties of the majority and nt only the minority as was the case prior to the great leaps forward in ancient Athens and then after the enlightenment in England, then in the United States and then after 1945 in the global community of nations formed according to the constitutional democratic principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 


While the pig classes have declared and fought their asymmetric cultural wars and now their class warfare by relying on strategies rooted in military, economic and political actions together with an unprecedented level of communicative actions via mass media propaganda to manufacture “consent” (obedience), the mutant integral cultural revolution has since the nineteen sixties made a very distinctly different choice of strategies that rely much less on military, economic and political action but has relied very heavily on communicative actions but not only on communicative actions.  Technological innovation has been a core strategy of the mutant constitutional democratic integral global cultural revolution – and the consequences are an overwhelming advantage in communicative power via the global electronic infrastructure of the internet, telecommunications, computers, smart phones, software, electronic knowledge repositories, hand held miniature computing devices and the software and social media that has made possible the global consensus on cultivation of a sustainable planetary culture  – an integral planetary culture of the majority of productive humans enjoying a satisfactory level of material well being that provides access to the knowledge infrastructure so critical to the planetary Knowledge society of autonomous and independent human beings who in aggregate already constitute a much more powerful cultural coalition than the cognitive pygmy culture of conservative barbarian parasites and predators.


The planetary polity of electronically literate autonomous and independent human beings in aggregate are immune to hierarchical infiltration from parasitic control freaks and this characteristic makes the integral planetary polity innately libertarian and relatively but not absolutely anarchistic – seeking to diminish the power of big government and big business, big media and big religion – of all monster institutions organized according to the hierarchical structure so attractive to the criminal barbarian plutocrats and oligarchs and so anti-thetical to constitutional democratic institutions, municipal, regional, national, civilizational and supranational.


The primary distinction between the two cultures is that the ancestral barbarian culture is invested in military, economic, political and ideological warfare as their survival strategy while the majority culture that is almost invisible in the mass media but not on the internet – is invested in direct action – communicative and innovative, cultural and most important of all – ecological and spiritual – moral and ethical – in promoting and cultivating by example – autonomous and independent living via reason compassion and imagination.


Spiritual Power is the source of all power; economic, military, ideological, cultural, religious and political.  The integral planetary polity – the mutant constitutional democratic culture cultivates spiritual power directly as a core strategy to build a sustainable global culture while the conservative dinosaur culture stampedes down the road to extinction murdering plundering raping in typical barbarian fashion – eternally at war.


The big question – how many more decades before the next great leap forward to a planetary polity of even greater material and spiritual well being.  Spiritual power has the potential to correct the crisis of modernity that came about due to the spiritual diminution that occurred due to the processes of rationalization and disenchantment.   Revival of the sacred in the form of the living planet Earth as a practical method of devotion suitable for autonomous and independent humans is a promising development that has the potential to end the spiritual decline of the last few centuries and to combine both material and spiritual well being as primary values of the emergent sustainable global culture that has weathered the storm and come out on tope as the most favoured “race” for preservation in the struggle for life – by sustainable actions